Historical-Artistic Tour
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Classic Venice

From San Marco to Rialto, discovering the real heart of Venice, between mysteries and false myths

Walking tour


District you go, life you find. Discover the different characteristics that distinguish the six districts of Venice. (San Marco, Cannaregio, Castello)

Walking tour

Neighbourhoods 2

District you go, life you find. Discover the different characteristics that distinguish the 6 residential areas of Venice. (Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Polo)

Walking tour

Venice, City of Art

A journey to discover the works of art kept at the Accademia Galleries and at the Guggenheim Foundation.

Walking tour

Renaissance Masters

Visit to discover the timeless masterpieces of the masters of the Venetian Renaissance, let yourself be enchanted.

Walking tour

Grand Canal

This cruise will allow you to visit Venice from a privileged point, its canals. The arteries of the city on the water.

By Boat

Lagoon and islands

Discover the Venice lagoon, a unique and very delicate ecosystem where the most beautiful city in the world rests

By Boat

Secret Gardens

The Venetian gardens will amaze you with their beauty, green paradises hidden from the eye of the inattentive tourist

Walking tour

Ancient Homes

Tour to discover some of the most prestigious homes in Venice

Walking tour

The City of Music

Journey to discover the musical heart of Venice, the city of music

Walking tour

A Cosmopolitan City

Venice, union of cultures, stories and lifestyles

Walking tour

Make Your Own Mask

Experience the magic of the Venetian Carnival through the creation of your mask

Walking tour

Experience Murano as a Protagonist

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the city of glass and learn the art of mosaic!

Walking tour

Cookery School

Become a chef for a day, find out how to cook an authentic Venetian lunch.

Walking tour

Chocolate Tasting

Gastronomic excursion into the irresistible world of chocolate.

Walking tour

An unforgettable shot

Capture a part of this city with your camera and take it forever with you.

Walking tour

Cycling around the Orchards of Sant'Erasmo

Two-wheeled adventure to discover the beauties of the island of Sant’Erasmo, a jewel suspended between the sea and the lagoon.

By bike

Nature trip in the Lagoon

A breathtaking journey to discover the flora and fauna that inhabit this place as fragile as it is fascinating.

By Boat

Venice Famous "Cicheti"

Irresistible for the sweet tooth, a guided tour through the famous bacaris to discover Venetian delicacies.

Walking tour

Learning Art and Taking it Home with You

Become a Venetian glass master for a day.

Walking tour

Venice From Above

Take a photo and enjoy a breathtaking view of the most beautiful city in the world.

Walking tour

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