Venice is famous around the globe for its carnival, which dates back centuries and was created to give the population a chance to party and have fun. Anonymity was guaranteed by donning a mask.

You can discover the art of the 'mascareri', the mask makers working in the city since the 1400s. We’ll go to a famous workshop where, having learnt the history and meaning of the different masks, you can create your own, using one of the many techniques illustrated and you can personalise it however you like! It’s a truly unique experience!

Since 1291 Murano is the island of glass. Come with us to learn the secrets of this incredible tradition!

We’ll reach Murano after a ten-minute mini cruise on the lagoon and the first thing we’ll do is visit the oldest church on the island. It was founded in the tenth century and is decorated with incredible twelfth-century mosaics.Millions of tiny glass mosaic tiles create, among other images, a stupendous Madonna.

And after visiting the island’s marvels, you are going to become mosaicists yourselves. In the glassworks you will see how glass is produced to this day and you will create your own mosaic, which you can take home with you as a memento of your visit.

Do you also want to take home a perfect shot on the Rialto Bridge? Don't want to hang your Venetian sunset in the living room? This is the tour for you!

Our two experts will take you to the most sought-after points of Venice where you can give vent to your imagination, or they will show you the techniques to get photos that you can brag about with friends.

At the end of this tour we will stop in a typical Venetian Bacaro where we will toast to the most beautiful photo!

If you are looking for a different view of Venice, you can take a bike ride around the island of Sant’Erasmo, which is suspended between the sea and the lagoon.

Cycling around the edge of the island, we will see the Massimiliano tower, built by the Austrians in the 1800s to keep an eye on the mouth of the port, which is the entrance into the lagoon. From here we can see MOSE, the system of mobile gates built to protect the city from flooding, and then we will return to the fields where the famous purple artichoke is grown.

We will also discover the boundary stones placed in 1791 to delineate the territorial limits within which the regulations to safeguard the lagoon were established.

Our excursion will end by tasting a glass of wine produced by a company on the island.

Venice and its lagoon are part of an ecosystem that is as fragile as it is fascinating, and it is the result of centuries of human intervention. In recent years, the closure of many of the factories at the industrial port of Porto Marghera, sadly infamous for contributing to the high levels of pollution in the lagoon, has led to a great improvement of the environment, which in turn has seen many animal species return to the lagoon.

Since 1987 it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Venice is the city which boasts the highest number of wild bird species that winter or rest here. It is possible to see swans, flamingos, ibis and numerous types of duck and waders.

Our visit will take us to the fishing valleys of the northern lagoon. With our binoculars, we will discover a marvellous lagoon: a natural oasis of breath-taking beauty.

Venice is famous around the world for glass, but not many people know that in the past the Venetian beads were used as money to buy and sell goods in Africa. Join us and you will have the chance to see an incredible private collection of antique and modern Venetian beads and learn how this tradition is still alive.

After that you can let your imagination run wild and create either your own piece of jewellery or the beaded strap of an elegant evening bag to remind you of this fantastic experience.

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