Nature trip in the Lagoon

Venice and its lagoon are part of an ecosystem that is as fragile as it is fascinating, and it is the result of centuries of human intervention. In recent years, the closure of many of the factories at the industrial port of Porto Marghera, sadly infamous for contributing to the high levels of pollution in the lagoon, has led to a great improvement of the environment, which in turn has seen many animal species return to the lagoon.

Since 1987 it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Venice is the city which boasts the highest number of wild bird species that winter or rest here. It is possible to see swans, flamingos, ibis and numerous types of duck and waders.

Our visit will take us to the fishing valleys of the northern lagoon. With our binoculars, we will discover a marvellous lagoon: a natural oasis of breath-taking beauty.

Local Experience
Walking tour
6 hours


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